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Sometimes I don’t bring lunch to work, so I head out to find something to eat amongst the hustle and bustle of local cafes, take-out places, and restaurants. I’m troubled by indecision about where to go, queues, and slow service (it’s peak time after all)! I find myself heading to the same old haunts, and eating the same thing every few days. What can be done to improve my lunch situation? Well, recently a colleague told me about an app and shared a Ritual promo code with me. Now I can peruse all lunch eateries available within a few minutes walk, order my food easily in advance, skip queues, and quickly pick-up my lunch. 

Click here to jump to the Ritual promo code and get $10 off your food order.

What is Ritual?

Ritual is essentially an app you can order food with. However, it has some funky features that make it stand out. Ritual describe themselves as, “Social ordering from your favourite local restaurants and coffee shops”. ‘Social ordering’ means your office mates and coworkers can order their food and you can pick it up for them. Or vice versa. And whoever does the picking up receives reward points! The reward points can be used against your own future purchases. It started in Toronto, and is  available across Canada, North America, Europe, Australia… they’re doing well, you get the idea.

Ritual promo code

ritual promo code 2

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Choice of eateries Organised by walking time Coworker functionality

My experiences of Ritual

I was given a Ritual promo code by a colleague during a special deal week Ritual was running; ‘Dollarfest’ allowed each user to  enjoy lunch for $1 at certain restaurants. I ate lunch at four or five unique places for a base price of $1, which was obviously great. After the deal had passed I thought, well maybe I’ll use it in future as a treat.

But frankly, I use most of the features a few times a week. I love being able to quickly browse what food places are available near me. I like it that the app let’s your coworkers know you’ve ordered and can pick up food for them. And best of all, I love it that I can skip the queues and pick up my food quickly. Nothing frustrates a lunch break more than having to waste time queuing!

Ritual could make some improvements on their app though. It doesn’t have a filter for vegetarian and vegan options, so you have to scroll through restaurants you know you’re not interested in, and sometimes it’s tricky the find the menu items you’re personally interested in. It also doesn’t easily let you suggest improvements unless you note a menu error, or other very specific feedbacks. But these are relatively small points of contention relative to the overall excellent user experience.

Why is Ritual worth your time?

I think Ritual is probably worth your time because it makes getting lunch more convenient and interesting.

  • Discover new places to eat that are near you
  • Browse menus conveniently
  • Avoid queues (to order and picking up)
  • Pick up your coworkers’ orders and get rewarded
  • Let your coworker pick up you order, and keep on with your busy day…
  • No sign-up or membership fee
  • $10 free credit towards your next lunch using the Ritual promo code below

Ritual promo code

You can click on the following link and use the promo code ‘LUKE85393‘ to get $10 credit for your food order.


It’s a referral link so I’ll get a few points too to use on food. Amazing – you click and sign up, and we both get fed!

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