Ritual $1 food fest

Ritual is a smart food-ordering app that has some extra social functionality. Yes you can browse local places to try lunch, check out the menus in advance, order what you want and skip the lines when you pick the food up, but you can also pick up food orders for your coworkers and earn rewards for doing so. I was first introduced to the app as part of the Vancouver Ritual $1 food fest earlier this year. A colleague hooked me up and I was able to get almost-free lunches for the whole week. Read on to hear more about the food fests and get $10 credit off your next lunch.

ritual $1 food fest

Downtown Vancouver was spoilt for venues during the Ritual $1 Food Fest in early 2019

The Ritual $1 Food Fest

You may have heard of Ritual as a food-ordering app. But also that it runs legendary introductory food festival offers, where you can get lunch for just $1. During these dollarfest periods, you can generally get lunch at a different venue each day of the week for just $1. Local cafes, take-out places, and restaurants that are participating in the festival provide a few special offers from their menus that you can pick your lunch from. Although you don’t have the whole menu to choose from it’s still the chance to get most of a free lunch at a bunch of new places you may not have visited yet.

Most major cities are generally graced with the Ritual $1 food fest upon introduction or launch. Vancouver had one earlier this year in support of Ritual’s local launch. Sometimes the festivals are in support of local events or promotions like Toronto’s fest slightly earlier in the 2019. The terms and conditions of each festival vary slightly. But the common theme is that users can get some kind of meal for $1 across each day across a week. If it’s an introductory offer, new users do benefit the most. Though Ritual does run general-access food fests too that current users can participate in.

I’ve reviewed the benefits of Ritual and shared my thoughts on the app as part of other posts. I also mentioned that I was introduced to the app while a Ritual $1 food fest was going on in Vancouver. I was sceptical about how much I would use it after the food festival, thinking that I would just exploit the cheap lunches. But I’ve been surprised to find that I’ve continued to use the app and recommended it to colleagues. It just makes lunchtimes more convenient and interesting!

Why give Ritual a go?

In my experience, I can quickly find a new place to eat that is an acceptable distance from my office. I avoid the banal habit of visiting the same cafes and eating the same thing each lunchtime. The app facilitates exploring my small area of the city in a bit more depth and spreading my lunch dollars around the town. Great for local businesses! I also love the fact I can skip the lines and avoid queuing to order and waiting for my food to be ready. I can knock-off 5 to 20 minutes from the trip, which certainly enhances my lunch break.

Promo code

If you like the sound of the Ritual food fest, join Ritual for free and get $10 credit for your food order. You can use the following code:


It’s a referral link so I’ll get a few points too to use on food. If you click and sign up, and we both get fed – amazing!


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