Is HelloFresh worth it?

is hellofresh worth it - bags

I’ve been trying out meal prep services in a quest to save time whilst enjoying home-cooked meals. You can quickly sign-up to a website, pick some recipes you like the look of, and the pre-prepared ingredients and recipe cards are sent to you for cooking at home. There’s a bunch of companies to choose from and in this article we’re looking at HelloFresh who is one of the biggest players. The service is a bit pricier than shopping and cooking yourself, […]

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Ritual $1 food fest

Ritual is a smart food-ordering app that has some extra social functionality. Yes you can browse local places to try lunch, check out the menus in advance, order what you want and skip the lines when you pick the food up, but you can also pick up food orders for your coworkers and earn rewards for doing so. I was first introduced to the app as part of the Vancouver Ritual $1 food fest earlier this year. A colleague hooked […]

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