Car sharing costs in Vancouver

Car sharing costs Vancouver (modo)

Vancouver is an awesome city that’s blessed with multiple car sharing services at competitive prices. Want to drive across town quickly and meet friends for lunch? Jump in an Evo; you can park it where you like. Need to pick up some furniture from Craigslist? Jump in a Modo; book a range of vehicles by the hour. Super convenient! However, how much does this convenience cost? The rates seem to be good value, but how does it really add up? […]

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Make Good Food review

I’ve been trying out meal prep services in a quest to save time whilst enjoying home-cooked meals. You can quickly sign-up to a website, pick some recipes you like the look of, and the pre-prepared ingredients and recipe cards are sent to you for cooking at home. There’s a bunch of companies to choose from and in this article we’re looking at Good Food (Make Good Food), who is one of the biggest players in Canada. The service is a bit […]

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