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Ritual is a social ordering app for food. You can see what places to eat are available near you, quickly browse their menus, and then order food and skip the queues when picking up. On top of this, you can pick up food for coworkers, and have a coworker pick up food for you. This social functionality sets it apart from other offerings in the space.  I discovered it when a colleague gave me a Ritual promo code for Canada, and have been using it quite a bit more than I anticipated. Perhaps you will too… Read on and get a promo code giving you $10 off your first order. That’s a free lunch! 

Click here to jump to the Ritual promo code Canada and get $10 off your food order.

What is Ritual?

Ritual started in Toronto in 2014, entered the US in 2017 and spread across Canada, Europe, and Australia in 2019. As discussed in my introductory post ‘Ritual promo code’ Ritual is great for a bunch of reasons. You can quickly discover new places to try that are near you and have a look through the menus (you don’t need to browse each restaurant’s website). Once you’ve picked a place to try, you can order quickly through the app and then dodge the queues when picking your food up. Also, you can pick up you coworkers’ orders if they’re ordering at the same place, or they can pick up your order if you need to stay in the office. There’s no sign up or membership fee and you can get $10 credit off your lunch by clicking below. I’ve found the I’ve used the app more than I expected and think that it makes lunch more convenient and interesting.

Ritual in the major cities of Canada

The table below shows map images of food outlets in the major cities across Canada including, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Toronto is easily the busiest location, as it has the most food outlets compared to other Canadian cities. It should be – Ritual started there in 2014! Click the images to access a larger image.

Vancouver Calgary
ritual promo code canada - vancouver ritual promo code canada - vancouver
Edmonton Toronto
ritual promo code canada - edmonton ritual promo code canada - toronto
Ottawa Montreal

Ritual promo code Canada

The promo code is the same across Canada. You can click and use the promo code ‘LUKE85393‘ to get $10 credit for your food order.


It’s a referral link so I’ll get a few points too to use on food. Amazing – you click and sign up, and we both get fed!

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