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The Ritual food ordering app has been a blessing for my lunchtimes. It’s made meal selection at midday more convenient, encouraged me to find and try new venues for lunch, and either help out my coworkers or be helped by coworkers when we’re picking up food for others in the office. If you want to improve your lunch situation, check out my ritual app review as follows, and get $10 credit for trying Ritual out yourself!   

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Perhaps you’re bored of visiting the same places for lunch?  You and your buddies can’t decide where to head? You eat the same thing every few days? You get stuck in queues when ordering? Then Ritual may be able to improve your midday meal.

Ritual started in Toronto in 2014, entered the US in 2017 and spread across Canada, Europe, and Australia in 2019. At its most basic, Ritual is an app you order food with. More fairly described, it allows you to quickly browse local food outlets, flick between their menus, order food in a few seconds, and dodge the lines when picking up. Also, it rewards you with points for your orders and for picking up food for your coworkers, which are redeemable against your orders. I’ve found the I’ve used the service more than I expected, and I think that it makes lunch more convenient and interesting.

The app itself is simple and effective, easy to navigate, and comes with the filters needed to make the results you view in the app most relevant. Check out the more detailed review in the following sections.

Ritual app review – Home

Upon loading the Ritual app you’re greeted by the Home screen which has recommendations for a local eatery, as well as your favourites. You can manage your favourites by clicking the heart icon; then those eateries will always appear at the top of your home screen. If an eatery is shut the icon will show as sleeping with ‘Zzz’ emanating upwards – a cute touch. You can choose to only view open spots, which is probably applicable for most people.

ritual app review

Ritual app review – Search

Now we switch to the ‘Search’ screen, which may be the best place to start looking for a new venue. You can select options under groupings like ‘5 min walk’, or food-based categories like ‘bowls’ or ‘smoothies’ (for that efficient liquid lunch).

If you have culinary or dietary preferences, the search can handle these too. For example, I can enter, ‘vegan’, and ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian / vegan’ eateries are shown. These aren’t exclusively vegan / vegetarian options though. The eateries shown will just have menu items that are suitable to your dietary choice. So some of the results shown to me are vegan only, and some have vegan choices.

You can view the results on a map, and filter by other options like distance or if they have special offers on that help you gain more reward points from Ritual. If you want to look at the menu of an eatery, you just click the icon and all the information if brought up. It’s quick and logical to navigate.

ritual app review 1 ritual app review 2b

Ritual app review – Rewards

Ritual gives you reward points for many different actions, that can be redeemed against your food orders. 1,000 points is worth $1 CAD, and you have to reach a minimum of 10,000 points to redeem the $10 value.

Ritual run a handful of different promotion types. ‘Dollarfest’ is when you can pick up lunch for just $1 up to 5 times at different eateries. Sometimes different eateries will have points multipliers, so you can get 10x or 20x the points you would normally get for making a purchase.

Also, as shown in the second image below, you can earn points by completing your profile (adding a picture, picking your favourite spots etc.).

And of course, you can pick up points by being the ‘office hero’ and collecting food orders for your coworkers. At 500 points it’s not much, but it’s nice to receive a small reward for something you’d probably gladly do anyway.

ritual app review 4 ritual app review 3b

Ritual app review – My Team

The Ritual app asks you to select your employer, your address, and the floor you work on. By confirming these details, the app can calculate who in your office you should form a group, which will then apply when you or a coworker is collecting food. You can view who’s in your group, on your floor, and on different floors of the same building.

ritual app review 2

Ritual app review – More

Lastly, the Ritual app has the ‘More’ screen which acts as the administrative section of the app. Here you can add your profile picture, invite friends, manage notifications and review past orders.

ritual app review 5


I’m a big fan of the Ritual app, both the service and the app itself. I think the app is well laid out, easy to navigate, and responsive. All my orders have been successfully processed by the restaurants, I’ve not had any stability issues nor crashes, and have not found myself wanting for additional features yet.

It’s a great way to peruse and discover new places for lunch that are near you, check out the menus before you go there, dodge the lines and be rewarded for doing nice things like picking up your coworkers’ food. Give it a go today – there’s no sign up or membership fee – and you can get $10 free credit towards your next lunch using the Ritual promo code below.

Promo code

The promo code is the same across Canada. You can click and use the promo code ‘LUKE85393‘ to get $10 credit for your food order.


It’s a referral link so I’ll get a few points too to use on food. Amazing – you click and sign up, and we both get fed!

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