Oh hi there. Welcome to BrightAroundTheCorner.com ! 

This site is run by Djuna & Luke. We’re a European couple who have made our way across North America, chasing jobs and adventure.

We try to make decisions that are good for us and the environment, other people and animals, and in support of a fairer society. As a scientist and an engineer, and a married couple, we enjoy researching and analysing topics of interest, and then arguing about our findings.

And we want to share our precious findings with the world! So we started this website. How lovely.

We’re going to highlight stuff we find interesting and useful, and give you simple actionable take-aways. So you can digest those tasty nuggets of summary information, and become wiser, nicer, and richer with minimal effort.

Sound good? We hope so. So… go read an article and let us know what you’re thinking.


PS. Most of the photography on the website is original and shot by Luke. Please send us a message or email if you want to use the images, see more, or have a project in mind.