Vegan omega 3 supplement

vegan omega 3 supplement

Omega 3 is one of those nutritional buzz words that has been ringing in my ears for well over a decade. I remember hearing about a teaspoon of cod-liver oil as a child, and fish oil capsules as being good for concentration when I took exams at school (2000s). Omega 3 is common to both, and is associated with a variety of positive health claims. But I’m less fussed about seeking the fishy elixir, and more interested in achieving a […]

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Is pea protein complete?

Whether you’re a nutritionally-concerned vegan, a frequent exerciser looking to supplement protein, or just interested in dietary choices, you may have asked yourself, “is pea protein complete”? Is it nutritionally sufficient to use as my main protein source? Unfortunately, the internet is full of poorly referenced blog articles indirectly citing one another. This post is different! We’ve examined scientific papers ourselves and have got the graphs to prove it.  What do we mean by ‘a complete protein’? Protein is a […]

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Pea protein smoothie

Shakes and smoothies are great ways to bulk up breakfast or support your body’s calorific and nutritional needs. Especially if you’re lazy, busy, or just enjoy being efficient with meal prep time! A pea protein smoothie is a great base for a nutritional shake that is super easy, quick, and convenient to make at home. In this post we’re going to take a general look at the pea protein smoothie and look at a few recipes. Why smoothies? Growing up in […]

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