Car sharing parking spots in Vancouver (Evo, Modo)

Car sharing parking spots in Vancouver (Evo, Car2Go, Modo)

Vancouver itself is great for car-sharing for many reasons, including its population density and relative availability of parking relative to other major cities. However, it can still be tricky to find a place to park, especially downtown. The dedicated car sharing parking spots in Vancouver are limited, the multi-storey car parks are often underground and hard to locate, and you can’t leave a car on the street as there are expensive parking meters everywhere… But, Vancouver council have taken action, and as of mid to late 2019, you can park in a metered car parking space in downtown Vancouver for up to 2 hours!

Evo parking spots

It’s even better for Evo users – in September 2019 Evo agreed to pay for the full cost of using metered parking in Vancouver. So you can finish your trip in a metered parking space, not just park there for 2 hours! In line with Evo’s general style of keeping things simple, they’ve made parking in Vancouver even easier for their users.

Other car sharing parking spots

Car2Go and Modo users can enjoy up to 2 hours parking for free at all metered bays in Vancouver. However for Car2Go users, you can’t end your trips in metered bays, and you’ll be at risk of being towed if another user doesn’t pick up your car inside of 2 hours. For Modo users, you shouldn’t be ending your trips in these bays anyway! If you park over 2 hours, you’ll need to pay the meter.

General parking tips

Upon moving to North America we’ve been caught out by parking near fire hydrants and in the opposing flow of traffic. Why aren’t the areas around hydrants hatched eh… Anyway, here are some parking tips for Vancouver.

  • Don’t park where there are signs that prohibit it!Car sharing parking spots in Vancouver (Evo, Car2Go, Modo)
  • Park at least 6 meters / 18 ft from your car and fire hydrants or stop signs
  • Be sure to park in the direction that traffic flows
  • Don’t park more than 30 cm / 12 inches from the curb
  • Park at least 1.5 meters / 4.5 ft from a driveway

Be sure to check out our complete guide to car sharing in Vancouver, where you can see coverage maps and parking advice for car sharing in Vancouver.

More information on car sharing parking spots

For more information on parking car sharing vehicles, check out:

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