Ritual $1 food fest

Ritual is a smart food-ordering app that has some extra social functionality. Yes you can browse local places to try lunch, check out the menus in advance, order what you want and skip the lines when you pick the food up, but you can also pick up food orders for your coworkers and earn rewards for doing so. I was first introduced to the app as part of the Vancouver Ritual $1 food fest earlier this year. A colleague hooked […]

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The complete guide to car sharing in Vancouver

Car sharing in Vancouver 1

If you’re living in Vancouver, you’ve probably seen cars from car sharing companies Car2Go, Evo, Zipcar, and Modo. These operators offer a modern and convenient twist on classic car rental. Over 3000 such vehicles can be found in Vancouver. If you want to try one out, where should you start?  Well read this complete guide to car sharing in Vancouver!  Update March 2020: Car2Go are no longer operating in Vancouver. I’ve deleted most sections, but there may be some hangover […]

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Who is the cheapest car share in Vancouver? Car2Go vs Evo.

Update March 2020: Car2Go are no longer operating in Vancouver. But the pricing info for Evo is still good, so I’ve left the article up.  Want to know who the  cheapest car share in Vancouver is? Well it depends on what kind of car you need (2 seats / 5 seats), and how long you need it for. We have reviewed the pricing structure for Car2Go and Evo, and can tell you who is cheapest! Re-published in October 2019 but updated for […]

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Ritual app review

The Ritual food ordering app has been a blessing for my lunchtimes. It’s made meal selection at midday more convenient, encouraged me to find and try new venues for lunch, and either help out my coworkers or be helped by coworkers when we’re picking up food for others in the office. If you want to improve your lunch situation, check out my ritual app review as follows, and get $10 credit for trying Ritual out yourself!    If you don’t […]

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Ritual promo code Canada

Ritual is a social ordering app for food. You can see what places to eat are available near you, quickly browse their menus, and then order food and skip the queues when picking up. On top of this, you can pick up food for coworkers, and have a coworker pick up food for you. This social functionality sets it apart from other offerings in the space.  I discovered it when a colleague gave me a Ritual promo code for Canada, […]

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Ritual promo code

Sometimes I don’t bring lunch to work, so I head out to find something to eat amongst the hustle and bustle of local cafes, take-out places, and restaurants. I’m troubled by indecision about where to go, queues, and slow service (it’s peak time after all)! I find myself heading to the same old haunts, and eating the same thing every few days. What can be done to improve my lunch situation? Well, recently a colleague told me about an app […]

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Car sharing parking spots in Vancouver (Evo, Modo)

Car sharing parking spots in Vancouver (Evo, Car2Go, Modo)

Vancouver itself is great for car-sharing for many reasons, including its population density and relative availability of parking relative to other major cities. However, it can still be tricky to find a place to park, especially downtown. The dedicated car sharing parking spots in Vancouver are limited, the multi-storey car parks are often underground and hard to locate, and you can’t leave a car on the street as there are expensive parking meters everywhere… But, Vancouver council have taken action, […]

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Evo car share promo code

BCAA Evo are arguably the top dog for one-way car sharing in Vancouver. In this post we’re going to briefly review why they’re worth signing up to, and give you an Evo car share promo code. Then you can dodge the registration fee and get some free minutes too! An overview of BCAA Evo Evo car share is a Vancouver operation, founded in 2015. They’ve grown to a a large fleet of over 1250 Toyota Prius C hybrid cars, which […]

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Pea protein vs whey protein

pea protein vs whey protein

You probably arrived on this article because you’re interested in the comparison of proteins, specifically pea protein vs whey protein. Perhaps you want to know which is better for you? But what do we mean by better? How do we compare proteins? In this article we’re going to evaluate pea protein vs whey protein using numbers and evidence, not shoddy bro science and internet gossip. Protein quality Protein is a macro-nutrient which means it’s one of the three dietary nutrient […]

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Uber alternative Vancouver

uber alternative vancouver

Note 28 Jan 2020: This article was written before ride hailing was permitted in Vancouver. As of the end of January 2020, Uber and Lyft are in Vancouver! So this article should be treated as historic in relation to Uber.   Looking for a ride about town? Where’s the nearest Uber or Lyft? Ride hailing services have seen huge growth in the past few years because they’re convenient and affordable. You’ll find them in many cities around the world, but […]

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