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Haven’t got the time to read our in-depth Guide to car sharing in Vancouver? No worries! We’ve summarised our findings in our ‘Vancouver car sharing comparison table’. You can quickly find out who the best car share company in Vancouver is. Scroll down and check it out. 

Update March 2020: Car2Go are no longer operating in Vancouver so they’ve been removed from the table.

Update May 2020: Zipcar are no longer operating in Vancouver so they’ve been removed from the table.

CompanyNew local child company of BCAA. Founded 2015 in BC.Homegrown BC co-op. Founded 1997. Merged local car share clubs.
Service typeOne-way
Fleet1,500 cars. Toyota Prius C Hybrid. (5 seats). Roofrack for 2 bikes / skis / snowboards. 600 vehicles. Large range. ‘Daily Drives’, ‘Large and Loadable’, and ‘Oversized and Premium’.
Electric vehicles?NoYes! Check our review of the Kona EV here
Car imagesvancouver car share evo carvancouver car share modo
Coverage areaEvo mapModo map
Use limitsCanadaCanada and U.S.
Included km per tripUnlimited km0 km
250km 'day tripper'
Fee for excess km / time-$0.40 for first 25km, $0.28/km after.
Drop at airportYes, no fee.If you begun trip there.
Driver eligibility18 yr, 2 yrs experience, accepts learners, no more than 2 violations or 6 points in last 2 yr.16 yr, 2 yr history, learners accepted conditionally, 0 at-fault accidents no more than 2 violations in past 2 yr.
BookingVia app / website, 30 mins to pick up car. No charge for cancellation.Reserve in advance, via app / website. Free cancellation with 12 hours notice. 50% charge inside 12 hours. Refund unused time at 50%. Open return $3.
One-off costs$30 sign-up fee (avoid with promo code)$10 registration / $500 share purchase option
Recurring costs$2 annual.$1 annual, $0 / $6 monthly membership
Rate per min$0.41-
Rate per hour$15$4-$8
Rate per day$90$52 - $65
$90 - $125 day tripper
Other rates-Additional premium for premium or larger vehicles, $2-5/hr and $26-65/day.
Access fee $1 (first 200 trips / yr)$1.50 (innovation fee)
Insurance deductible$1,000$1,000 / $0
(reduced by $50 annual payment)
Fuel surcharge-May apply when average monthly fuel cost is above $1.60/litre
Best forShort trips around town, long distance trips. Great all-round vehicle.Hourly or daily hire, long hrs & low km. Can take into the US.

Summary of the table

Evo is great for one-way short hops around town, if you need bike/ski or racks, or are going to be doing some serious kms. But if you need the most competitive hourly rate, a larger choice of vehicles through the year (cars, trucks, vans, electric cars), then pick a Modo. Modo has some incredibly low hourly rates ($4-6) in the evenings, and daily rates ($48+) that include fuel.

If you want to try the fully electric Hyundai Kona EV, sign up with Modo, and read our Hyundai Kona electric review (canada) here!

Get a promo code and sign-up to a car sharing service

Car sharing in urban areas can deliver the perks of car ownership without the cost and stress. It is a complimentary service to public transport that has a lot of benefits. Click here to read more about the advantages of car sharing in Vancouver and other places.

Feel like signing up to one of the car sharing services in Vancouver! You can avoid the sign-up fee and get some free driving minutes with my promo codes. I will get a small bonus of some driving minutes too if you chose to use these, but it’s at no cost to you.

Everything on this page was reviewed at the time of writing, however you should check the car sharing companies’ websites out for full details. The offers and packages may change before I can update this page!

Have we missed something out? Got a question? Let us know your comments and thoughts about our Vancouver car sharing comparison table. 

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  1. The companies handle no-shows? I know people who’ve tried to use Evo and car2go and they have given up using the service because too many times they’ve found a car and it’s reserved,but the person never shows up, so my friends didn’t have the opportunity do use the vehicle. Worse with car2go.

    1. Hi Sue. During busy times I have had an issue with a car appearing to be available, then disappearing too quickly for me to complete my booking, because someone else booked it. But I haven’t had an issue with people not showing up. I haven’t let a timer run down on a booking, but I assume the vehicle becomes available again once the 30 minute booking timer expires. I’m unsure of if Car2Go or Evo take any action on no-shows, or repeat offenders. Hopefully it’s only a very small minority of users. I’ll see if I can get further info from both companies. Thanks for your comment!

  2. So, how does one come across this “promo” for the membership with Evo? I’m a student so the $5 – $10 membership fees from the other companies look better, but it seems as though Evo is probably the best option for all my purposes on the long run. But that membership fee is high.

    1. Hi Agf, if you use the referral/promo code the membership I think that the fees are waived during the sign-up process. Sign-up as normal through the Evo website and just make sure to use the code when it asks.

    1. Hi Nick, sorry if that wasn’t clear, one-way and two-way refer to the type of car-sharing service. A one-way service means you can pick the car up in one location and drop it in another location – you don’t have to return the car to the location you started at, i.e. it’s one-way. Two-way (as you can now probably guess) means you have to return it to the location you picked it up from, like a return journey.

  3. Hello Djuna and Luke – Thank you for making it way easier for me to switch from “car-ownership” to “car-sharing.” Your reviews are so insightful. The information is so valuable. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi Aaron, absolutely, you don’t have to be a native. It’s a bit trickier if you’re here on a short-term holiday, but I don’t know of a reason why not aside from the timelines needed to complete your membership application. You need to be prepared and make the relevant enquiries and submit appropriate documentation to the companies, a bit in advance of your trip, so you’re ready to roll when you arrive.

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