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Modo are a BC born and bred car sharing company founded in 1997. They have slowly grown since then to merge with various other car sharing groups that were found on Vancouver Island and in Okanagan. The company is a co-operative and states, “Our intent is to earn just enough to cover our costs and continue to invest in being the best and most purposeful car share operator in BC”. If you want the Modo promo code, skip to the bottom, otherwise read on to learn a bit more about Modo.

Modo has around 600 vehicles available, mainly found across Vancouver, but with regional outposts, as shown in the graphic below. You can see they’ve got some great coverage in the centre of Vancouver, along the south-east corridor, and North Van. The vehicles include ‘Daily Drives’, ‘Large and Loadable’, and ‘Oversized and Premium’, giving you plenty of options to find a car, van or truck to suit your needs. Notably, Modo is the only car sharing service to offer fully electric cars in their fleet. They’ve got four Hyundai Kona Electric cars for their members to use in Vancouver. Read our Hyundai Kona Electric review (Canada) here.

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As a two-way car sharing company, and like traditional car rental companies, you must return the car to the location where you picked it up from. But unlike traditional car rental companies, Modo has allocated parking bays all around town. This makes it super convenient to pick up and use a vehicle. Also, Modo allows you to rent a vehicle by the hour, as well as by the day. This means that if you need a vehicle for a few hours around town, Modo is likely to offer better value than a daily rate for classic vehicle hire.

Each Modo ‘day tripper’ rental  ($90 – $125) allows 250km per booking, with additional per km costs if you exceed this allowance. You can cross the US border, so there should be enough kms included to pop over the border and back again.

In addition to their general social operating principles, Modo has some unique and impressive booking features. For example, if you return your car early, they’ll refund 50% of your remaining booking time, and you can book an open return instead of specifying a return time for $3. You can become a member of Modo through either a monthly fee ($6-8) or a refundable share purchase ($500), the latter securing you the cheapest rental rates.

Modo’s day rates range from $4-$9 per hour, to $52-$125 per day, with small additional premiums for their oversize or premium vehicles ($2-5/hr and $24-65/day). There is an insurance excess of $1000 though this can be reduced to $0 by paying a small additional fee of $50 (or paying for your bookings with a credit card that has suitable insurance). They have an access fee of $1.50 per trip that is called the co-op innovation fee.

Further reading

You can read more about Modo, and other car sharing companies in Vancouver in some of other articles, such as our car sharing comparison table or our more detailed complete guide to car sharing in Vancouver.

Modo promo code

You can sign up by clicking below and using the following Modo referral code.

Full disclosure –  this referral link will give me a few $ driving credit. Modo sometimes give sign-up driving credit to the new user, but this depends on the promotion running at the time. If you do choose to sign up with this code, I will massively appreciate it and consider it a token of thanks for authoring this and other related posts on car sharing in Vancouver.

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