Evo car share promo code

Evo car share promo code

BCAA Evo are arguably the top dog for one-way car sharing in Vancouver. In this post we’re going to briefly review why they’re worth signing up to, and give you an Evo car share promo code. Then you can dodge the registration fee and get some free minutes too!

An overview of BCAA Evo

Evo car share is a Vancouver operation, founded in 2015. They’ve grown to a a large fleet of over 1250 Toyota Prius C hybrid cars, which have tailpipe emissions of around 115 g/km. This is lower than their main rival Car2Go, which has tailpipe emissions of 160-200 g/km.

Evo specialise in one-way car sharing. This means you can drop the car off in a different place to where you picked it up, as long as you remain in the home zone, or a dedicated parking area. As of late 2019, you can park Evos in metered parking bays around Vancouver – super convenient!

Evo car share promo code - homezone

The pricing is simple and automatically optimises for your journey length. They tend to be cheapest if you need a little flexibility with your journey duration. Maybe there’s a little extra traffic or it takes you a bit longer to park?

There’s negligible overhead cost to having an Evo membership. Signing up doesn’t commit you to a recurring monthly charge. You pay only when you use it (excluding the $2 annual fee).

The cars have functional accessories like bike and ski racks. This can be useful in Vancouver, where a lot of us are interested in getting up the mountains, or avoiding a rain storm.

You can speak to customer service from within the car, pressing a button on the dashboard. I’ve found the support team friendly and helpful, and responds within tens of seconds.

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Evo car share promo code and free minutes

To sign up, all you need to do is click through to Evo and use the evo car share promo code as listed here. This will remove the sign-up fee and give you free minutes (generally 30-45):

The above code is part of a ‘refer a friend’ scheme and will give me some minutes credit to use for car sharing. If you do choose to sign up with this code, I will massively appreciate it. 

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