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Car2Go free minutes promo code

Car2Go is one of two main competitors providing one-way car sharing services in Vancouver. Car2Go are big and experienced, and have *driven* the one-way car sharing market. In this post we’re going to review why it’s worth signing up with Car2Go and how you get some Car2Go free minutes.

An overview of Car2Go

Car2Go are an internationally renown company, with car sharing operations in 25 locations and 3,500,000 members globally.  They have around 14,000 vehicles in their global fleet, with some locations exclusively using electric vehicles.

Car2Go in Vancouver doesn’t use electric vehicles, but does use Smart2Go and Mercedes petrol cars. There’s over 1200 of them, which means great availability when you try to book one! The Smart cars are nippy and convenient for parking, and the Mercedes give you a bit more space for passengers and their quality will impress whoever you’re picking up.

As mentioned, Car2Go are a one-way car sharing operator. This means you can finish your journey and drop the car in a different location to where you picked it up. But you must remain in the ‘home zone’ or a dedicated parking area.

Car2Go free minutes

The pricing offered by Car2Go gives the user lots of options, which can give the best value and lowest cost compared to other operators. If you use their Smart2Go cars, you can get the lowest per-minute rates in town. Read more about pricing and the cheapest car share in Vancouver here.

Like its main competitor Car2Go doesn’t charge an ongoing recurring monthly fee, aside from an annual $2 charge. This means you don’t have to worry about monthly charges when you’ve not used the service at all!

Bookings are most easily made through the Car2Go app, which is well designed and intuitive to use. When picking up the car you can report any damage easily through the app.

Car2Go free minutes promo code

To get Car2Go free minutes, click through below and use the promo code:

  • Car2Go free minutes promo code- ‘’, get to Car2Go here.

The above code is part of a ‘refer a friend’ scheme and will give me some minutes credit to use for car sharing. If you do choose to sign up with this code, I will massively appreciate it. 

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