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car sharing north vancouver

Vancouver is supplied with some of the best car sharing services in the world. The fleets of vehicles found in Vancouver are some of the largest in any cities. Overall, there are approximately 3,000 vehicles in total across the 4 main competitors Evo, Car2Go, Modo and Zipcar. However the service is concentrated on the lower mainland. What about car sharing in North Vancouver?


Of the 4 main car sharing companies in Vancouver, only Zipcar does not cover North Vancouver. Although Zipcar are a reputable and international operator, this does not heavily affect your car sharing choices. This is because their fleet is the smallest, and they have fewer locations to access cars in Vancouver.


Of the remaining car share companies, Evo, Car2Go, and Modo cover North Vancouver to similar degrees. The home-zones of the one-way operators are similar, though not exactly the same. Click on the maps below to see the general Vancouver area, as well as North Vancouver in specific. Note that:

  • Evo covers Grouse mountain. You can park in 1 of the 2 dedicated car-share spaces, or any overflow car park.
  • Modo covers Horseshoe Bay.
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Evo car share promo code - homezone Car2Go home zone
Evo home - north van - zoom Car2Go home zone - north van - zoom Modo locations - north van - zoom


The costs of car sharing in North Vancouver are no different from the rest of Vancouver. So check out our other guides – a brief comparison of car sharing in Vancouver, the in-depth complete guide to car sharing in Vancouver, and a guide to the cheapest one-way car share in Vancouver.

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For two-way car sharing, Modo is the only choice for North Vancouver.

For one-way car sharing, check the areas that Evo and Car2Go cover, and see what is best for you. If you head up Grouse a lot, maybe Evo will be better! As there’s no significant recurring cost to join up, we think it’s worth signing up to both Evo and Car2Go.

Feel like signing up to one of the car sharing services in Vancouver? You can avoid the sign-up fee and get some free driving minutes with the following promo codes. I will get a small bonus of some driving minutes too if you chose to use these, but it’s at no cost to you.

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