Elmo Drive Review

Car subscription services are making electric cars more accessible. Instead of buying the car outright (big money upfront), or leasing the car (relatively long-term commitment), car subscription services provide access to electric cars at lease-level pricing without the long-term commitment. In the absence of local car-sharing services, I looked at all the different electric car subscription services in the UK and decided to join Elmo Drive. Here is my Elmo Drive review.   If you just want the referral code for […]

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Italki promo code

Italki Promo code

There are many great reasons to learn a language. But there are also plenty of great excuses not to! If you find it hard to stay motivated, and your progress stalls over time, then maybe it’s worth considering how a real teacher can help you to meet your language-learning goal? I recently joined Italki – perhaps you’d also like to AND save a few USD with my Italki Promo Code?  I’ve had an international partner for 6 years, but only […]

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Car hire winter tires

Does your car hire include winter tires? If you’re driving in wintery conditions, you’ll need suitable tires fitted to you car. When we lived in New Hampshire we had to swap our tires as winter arrived to ensure we stayed safe with snow on the road. Where’s that carjack… Different types of tire If you grew up driving in a country that didn’t experience snow in the winter, you may not realise that you actually have different kinds of tires […]

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Canadian Rockies road trip (in an electric car!)

This summer we completed a Canadian Rockies road trip in an electric car. It was, without doubt, one of the best driving experiences of our lives! We saw some of the most incredible scenery British Columbia (BC) and Alberta (AB) have to offer, driving along scenic highways as well as mountain passes, stopping in at iconic towns and cities. In this article we share our route, some info about the car we used, some highlights of our trip, and some […]

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Easy hike in Vancouver

The lockdown has begun to lift in BC. Whilst we must remain vigilant and cautious to maintain social distancing, it’s now OK to go for a hike on public trails. Great news! We were desperate to stretch our legs after months in our 1-bed apartment, so looked for an easy hike in Vancouver that we could do with trainers and would take an hour or two. I use All Trails to find accessible local trails. I like it because it: Clearly […]

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Zipcar leaving Vancouver

The latest news in the local car-sharing area of Vancouver is that Zipcar is leaving Vancouver and BC, following in the wake of Car2Go who left earlier in 2020. As of 01 May 2020 Zipcar ended its services in the city and province. Sad faces all round… well, kind of. Zipcar was never the best choice for car-sharing services in Vancouver itself, and it was thinly distributed across BC. It’s sad to see market choice reduce but it’s not a […]

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Modo review

Car sharing costs Vancouver (modo)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of car sharing; it has great benefits, like reducing congestion and pollution in urban areas, decreasing parking requirements, and it’s far less hassle and probably lower cost than owning your own car (in Vancouver at least). One of my favourite car-sharing services to use is Modo, mainly because they have a wide selection of vehicles (including the fully electric Hyundai Kona) available in my area, affordable pricing, and are a social enterprise. This […]

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Vancouver car sharing comparison table

benefits of car sharing in vancouver

Haven’t got the time to read our in-depth Guide to car sharing in Vancouver? No worries! We’ve summarised our findings in our ‘Vancouver car sharing comparison table’. You can quickly find out who the best car share company in Vancouver is. Scroll down and check it out.  Update March 2020: Car2Go are no longer operating in Vancouver so they’ve been removed from the table. Update May 2020: Zipcar are no longer operating in Vancouver so they’ve been removed from the […]

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Evo vs Car2Go. One-way car sharing Vancouver.

car sharing vancouver evo sunset

Update March 2020: Car2Go are no longer operating in Vancouver. Most text for Evo is still relevant so I’ve left the article up as a reference guide for Evo still.  The big names in one-way car sharing in Vancouver are BCAA Evo Car Share and Car2Go. Aside from the look of the cars, it’s not really clear what the differences between the two companies are. So we’re going to take an in-depth look at both operations. Read on to find […]

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Hyundai Kona electric review Canada

Hyundai Kona electric review Canada The age of the electric car has arrived. You can now have it all! Sports car performance, instant torque, space for the family, and sufficient range for a day trip. Yes, the up-front cost may be higher, but the operating and lifetime costs are lower. And even if you can’t stump up the cash for a new electric vehicle (and most of us can’t), you may have other options that allow you to regularly drive […]

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